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Lawrence Woman Opened her own Established Business

Laykin Henriquez was born and raised in a low-income home in Lawrence, MA by a single mother of three. Being the eldest she took on much responsibility having to grow up quicker than most to help her mother around the house. But her mothers hard work having to provide for her daughters on her own is what motivated Laykin to work hard to be successful. Therefore she worked hard to pursue her career in dentistry for 12 years. 
However, she couldn’t ignore the feeling of needed to do more, like there was something missing. In 2020 Laykin opened her own business as an esthetician after graduating from Elizabeth Grady School. She felt a sense of relief, like she had finally found what she was created to do. Owning her own business as an esthetician has given Laykin the freedom to provide a variety of services to make her clients feel their best selves.
Laykins “Blush In Comfort” business provides waxing services, brow lamination and lash extensions, facials, body sculpting and most importantly, teeth whitening. Laykin wanted to make sure she included her first love, dentistry by still providing teeth whitening care to her clients, along with so much more. The feeling of fulfillment and joy fills her heart every single time her clients happily leave her clinic after their requested service.

Blush in Comfort now located in Haverhill, MA to service any of your desires!

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